City As Material Series

City As Material Series

The city has increasingly become not just a stage for creative activities to be presented on but also the material with which creative works are made. Its flows and fabric are now rendered legible by new technologies and social participation that in turn foster diverse conceptions of citizenship and inhabitation. These processes highlight the mutability of “public” and “private” and the sometimes subtle, sometimes swift transformations of social space.

This series will comprise collaborative publications that investigate, intervene within, project upon and play with the notion of the city as material. Each of the events we host will focus around a specific topic as a sight-line for a cross-section, a lens through which to perceive a layer of investigation or framework to play within.

We invite you to join us in a collaborative attempt to peer beneath the surface of the city and explore the forces shaping and shaped by the urban fabric, its inhabitants and energies. In addition to a collaborative publication produced around each topic, we will be encouraging all the participants to create their own personal publications to add to the series.


Streetscapes – The street level of the city, its routes and human interaction whilst travelling through them. Guest : Tim Wright
River – The river running through the city, where it takes us, and what it brings. Guest : Ben Eastop
Skyline – The skyline of the city, the change of perspective when elevated from street level, its effects on the city’s inhabitants. Guest : Simon Pope
Underside – What is below the surface of things in the city? What are the data and information flows of the city that act as its shadow or underside? Guest : Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino
Sonic Geographies – The sound qualities of the city, and mapping them through personal experiences. Guest : tbc


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