Talk by Mark Fisher

If you don’t know Mark Fisher, it would not be easy to introduce his work as they encompasses a wide range of subjects. I know him as a Lacanian psychoanalyst. He is a practicing member of NLS (New Lacanian School). His latest publication by Zero Books, Capitalist Realism, discusses the appropriated capitalist concept of “reality” as one and only through examining media, films and public domain. Apparently, he is a visiting lecturer at our college. I think it would be nice if we could organize a talk by him.

He is giving a talk at Chisenhale Gallery on Wednesday 17 November at 7pm entitled “Can anything genuinely new emerge in a political landscape that is clogged with ideological junk?” I think this would be interesting for those of us who are concerned with researching, exploring and creating an alternative horizon, the one that could not be appropriated and absorbed by current political, social and cultural order. If you are interested in challenging, come along to the talk. I contacted the gallery, booking is not required just make sure you come early to have a seat.

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