tube projects

The underground (and other networks) as inspiration, metaphor or experience for the exploration (and representation) of urban worlds.

A catalogue of mixed media art and research projects on, in, about or (somehow) related to the underground systems of the world.


an invitation to explore everyday life and urban phenomena in Mexico City by means of visiting the multiple stops of a thematic metro system guiding through the (on-line) exposition.

by Citámbulos

Sounding Underground,

a virtual environment that invites users to interact with the soundscapes of three underground public transport systems: London, Paris and Mexico City.

by Ximena Alarcón

Paris, ville invisible,

a ‘sociological opera’, inviting us to wander through the city, in texts and images, exploring some of the reasons why it cannot be captured at a glance.

by Bruno Latour et. al.

Night Haunts,

a nocturnal journal through London.

by Sukhdev Sandhu


(catalogue to be expanded).


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