Visual Activism and Social Justice

Visual Sociology Thematic Group,

International Sociological Association, mid-term conference “Forum on Social Justice and Democratization”
1-4 August 2012, Buenos Aires

CALL FOR PAPERS (submissions by 15 December 2011)

In our sessions, we would like to both create the opportunity for a sociological discussion of the meaning of Visual Activism and Social Justice, and at the same time endeavor to democratize the ways our knowledge and practices are produced and shared. The following sessions are happy to receive your contributions… (detailed descriptions here)

SESSION A: Icons, Models and Drama Queen(s): A Comparative Analysis of the ‘Burqa’ in European and North American Political Visual Cultures

SESSION B: New Media, Videos and Cyber-Activism on Social and Environmental Issues

SESSION C: Culture and Visual Forms of Power: Experiencing Contemporary Spaces of Resistance

SESSION D: Civic Media and Creative Youth Activism in the Middle East (CMCYA-ME)

SESSION E: Cross-Examining Visuals in the Criminal Justice System

SESSION F: Critiquing Participatory Video: Experiences from Around the World

SESSION G: Visual Activism: The (Street) Art of Making Visible Alternative Ways of Seeing the World

SESSION H: Visual Sociology As/Of Activism for Social Justice

SESSION I: Teaching Visual Methods, Learning to become a Visual Sociologist

SESSION J: Visual Representation of Injustice and Exclusion

Anyone interested in presenting a paper should submit an abstract on-line to


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