A selection of some of the recent visual sociology outputs from Goldsmiths Sociology.

Various Sociology staff and postgraduates (2015) ‘How to do sociology with…’, short videos, on MA Visual Sociology Vimeo.

Les Back (2012) ‘Live sociology: social research and its futures’, in Live Methods, Oxford: Blackwell.

Les Back and Nirmal Puwar (2012) ‘A manifesto for live methods: provocations and capacities’, in Live Methods, Oxford: Blackwell.

Les Back and Nirmal Puwar (eds) (2012) Live Methods, Oxford: Blackwell.

Charlotte Bates (ed) (2015) Video Methods: Social Science Research in Motion, London: Routledge.

Rebecca Coleman (2012) Transforming Images: Screens, Affect, Futures, London: Routledge.

Rebecca Coleman and Jessica Ringrose (eds) (2013) Deleuze and Research Methodologies, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

Rebecca Coleman, Michael Guggenheim and Yasmina Reggad (2015) We Can’t Be There: Emergency Provisions for (Un)Anticipated Futures, series of artist film-maker screenings, discussions and workshops.

Michael Guggenheim (2013) ‘What was visual sociology?‘, CSISP blog post.

Kat Jungnickel and Larissa Hjorth (2014) ‘Methodological entanglements in the field: methods, transitions and transmissions‘, Visual Studies, 29(2), pp. 136-145 (download accepted version free).

Kat Jungnickel (2014) Film of Bloomer Making Workshop and Bloomer Ride:

Bloomer Making Workshop & Bloomer Ride from Kat Jungnickel on Vimeo.

Celia Lury and Nina Wakeford (eds) (2012) Inventive Methods: The Happening of the Social, London: Routledge.

Nirmal Puwar and Sanjay Sharma (2012) ‘Curating sociology’, in Live Methods, Oxford: Blackwell.