Historical Materialism: Crisis and Critique

The seventh annual conference of Historical Materialism will be held at SOAS November 11-14. Likewise previous conferences, the event focuses on the most recent debates about the relation between labour, capital, society and politics. This year’s topic “Crisis and Critique”, indicates the critical nature of the time we live at the moment since society, politics and culture have been severely affected by the crisis-driven politics. The conference provides a unique opportunity for researchers who would like to examine their research topic in the light of issues related to political economy and historical materialism.

Also, there are a number of panels which are related to the visual issues and would be useful to engage with if you are working on urban life, photography, art, aesthetics, painting.  To name some:

– Capitalism, Labour, photography

– Crisis of Representation: Philosophy, Politics, Aesthetics

– Ultra-Leftism, Insurrection and the City

– Art and activism

– Strategies for Art Today I, II

On-line registration will be closed at 8 November. For more information please visit: