Visual Sociology at Goldsmiths

See also our MA Visual Sociology Vimeo page

Visual sociology to me not only offers the promise of expanding our repertoire beyond words and figures but also the opportunity to make sociological ideas and arguments more vivid, vital and beautiful. Les Back.

Visual methods provide an alternative means of formulating, conducting and disseminating research, and – more particularly – a productive and evocative means of uncovering and demonstrating links between the general and the particular, the global and the local, society and the individual, biography and place. Caroline Knowles.

The practice of visual sociology reflects a spectrum of thinking about the sociological imagination that embraces the possibilities of other ways of telling, expanding sociological discourses around textuality, narrativity, research methodologies and engaging with the creative role of contemporary media practice within such research. Paul Halliday.

Perhaps we need to think of sociological research as generating materials as well as data. Material properties can be exploited in the service of our argument.  So an interview generates content but also sound – with rhythms, repetitions, tone and volume. What would it mean for Visual Sociology to put experimentation with materials centre stage? Nina Wakeford.

Given the innovative nature of the programme – combining theory and practice-based outputs – the team offering the programme is defining good practice for the rest of us. Sally Wyatt, Professor of Digital Cultures in Development, Maastricht University, External Examiner for MA Visual Sociology


  1. Hello, warm greetings from Costa Rica in central america . My name is Jerry Alonso Mora am master sociologist and human rights . I love visual sociology and work with vulnerable communities in my country bringing young people to the visual technologies . On our website we have some of our work here . I hope to make a link between what you develop in England and our work in Costa Rica . My dream is to travel and do my PhD in Goldmiths University. regards



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